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Lapida – All ritual serviсe in one place. 

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The Lapida service,  in the future is entire ecosystem, for people who have lost their loved ones.

Just think about it. Psychologists have an effective set of practices to help people cope with the loss of a loved one.

It works… but only in a therapist’s session. There is no service or platform online that gives the suffering soul a sense of protection, care, and understanding.

Why is this the case? After all, we do know it’s possible.

Lapida not only changes the approach to funeral services, but also promotes a respectful and caring attitude towards the user.

Our project was born at the intersection of E-commerce, Aggregator, Virtual cemetery and Mentaltech.

No matter what we create, the UX of our platform or an app with an expert psychologist, with every “Learn More” button we think about the comfort of a person going through a hard and painful time in their life.                    

Compared to an average online user, our user has different concerns. They just can’t sit at length and figure out how it works.

This is when Lapida comes to help.

The Lapida service both helps with practical tasks and surrounds you with care and sympathy; just like a loving mother wraps her baby in a fluffy blanket to comfort it.

Every touch, every word is soothing, protecting, and supporting.

Dear customer, we will help you immediately.

We will help you find the best service for you.
You can use the search to find funeral homes in the location you need.
Or just write The Funeral Home near me and we will provide a complete list of services in your area.

We are building:
Booking Funeral Service
Booking Services of Religious Organizations.
Meta Cemetery.

  • Everyone will be able to order any funeral service around the world.
  • Order a prayer service or other service of religious organizations online.
  • A virtual cemetery where you can create a virtual burial.


Aggregator of funeral services.
– Information resources (wiki religion) all spiritual information from birth to death. Bible, Torah, and other traditions and religions in one place Prayers, meditations, spiritual practices
– Churches, mosques, ashrams and other religious organizations in one large directory.
– Catalog of funeral services. All agencies, funeral homes, cemetery crematoria. Each has its own page, order and business management system.
– Personal pages of every person, living and dead.
It is possible to order any funeral service through our service (including for the dead, commemoration, prayer services, burial service.) Control of all services through the service using a QR code.
– Catalogs of all ritual goods (flowers, wreaths, tombstones, stones, statues, etc.)

The virtual world includes all ritual organizations and cemeteries.
Each living and dead has its own living room that you can visit and communicate.
After cremation, people lose their connection with the world. We will give the opportunity to leave a memory of everyone in the virtual world. We will teach virtual images to speak, move and live independently in our virtual world and everyone will be able to communicate and create their own image.

Lapida MarketPlace

Core Features:
Broad assortment of top products and servises.
A broad range of cryptocurrencies accepted as the payment method.
Convertation and exit in fiat money
Simple purchasing UX 
Worldwide Services.
Customer support.



Lapida is developing a multi-instrumental cryptocurrency ecosystem and a virtual world for all religions and traditions, the purpose of which is to simplify the interaction of all parts of cooperation between businesses, non-profit organizations, people, and to preserve the memory of the dead. Lapida is a simple, fast and secure directory of companies and religious organizations of all traditions. More advanced users of cryptography will appreciate our innovative ideas. Everyone should love our staking rewards program, inspired by traditional e-commerce cashback programs. And users of all levels can explore other features of the Lapida ecosystem, from affiliate programs to our own token (Lapida coin). Lapida is on its way to building the first true c-commerce ecosystem and virtual universe. We are only at the beginning of the journey.

Lapida Roadmap:


– Start to project.

– Release Website

– Team Building


– Start to Lapida DAO.

– NFT airdrop for DAO community.

– Fundraising.


– Start to agregator MVP.

– Connecting businesses and companies to the project.

– Marketing Campaign.



– Start to test Metaverse.

– Land airdrop for DAO communiny.

– Coin Airdrop for NFT holders.

– Coin presale.


Join the Community

You can become part of our virtual world and receive an airdrop in Lapida World.
To do this, you need to become a part of Lapida DAO.
You can fill out the form:
Receive an NFT airdrop and become a member of the DAO.
DAO members work together to help develop and promote the product. May have additional benefits and project discounts. Also, DAO  participants receive an airdrop Lapida token.
For more benefits, you can use the invitation code: LPD10001
Lapida Ambassador Program:
The project is open to ambassadors.
You can become a member of the project by filling out the form:

Ambassador Roles

There are four roles for Lapida


Content Creators have a role in educating the public about the project & advocating for the brand through engaging and informative content in the form of graphics and videos, blogs, podcasts, or articles.

Writing individual articles for the Lapida project.

Content will go out on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, Tik Tok, etc.


Moderators adopt strategies to drive engagement across all social media platforms of the project. They do this by connecting blockchain enthusiasts together to educate them about the Lapida project. 

They work by channelling and creating engaging conversations across platforms such as Reddit, Discord, and Telegram. Fueling daily conversations about eye-capturing news, press-worthy announcements, and other marketing campaigns across these platforms. 

Using organic methods to create a buzz in the community and promoting Lapida



Translators aid in promoting exclusive news and announcements in non-English communities. This strategy ensures that the news is reached to international audiences.


This role entails rewards and incentives given to those who bring in investors to the project. They will be given 2%-5% of the success fee of the project (subject to a separate agreement). 


  1. Ambassador of the month

The Lapida  Ambassador program is designed to encourage commitment, loyalty and to recognize the value added to the community. Ambassadors will be given mountly rewards in the form of token allocations, products from the Marketplace and listing, and much more.

Viral content, excellent engagement, and stand-out ambassadors will get to be named “Ambassador of the Month” and will be given higher rewards such as 1000 USDT worth of Lapida tokens. 

  1. Result based bonuses 

If you meet your monthly targets on a regular basis, your income potential has no limits! We have created a reward pool of 6000 USD with 5 tiers where the ambassadors will be eligible to a portion of the rewards proportional to the task completed.

Ambassador Rules

Ambassadors must abide by the following rules to take part in this program:

  1. No disparaging remarks or language be used across all roles.
  2. Comments made on race, culture, slurs, etc. are intolerable and will result in automatic disqualification.
  3. A full understanding of the project and use cases are a must to be a part of the project and understand the product to provide an objective evaluation.
  4. All ambassadors need to follow exeno on Instagram, twitter and must have joined the telegram and discord groups before they start their quest. 
  5. Adherence to your local marketing laws, rules and regulations and make disclosures on your posts as required by such laws.
  6. Lapida shall not take any responsibility for misleading endorsements and testimonials, nor reward any inappropriate language, behaviour or misrepresentation of the company, its products and/or its brand, false reviews or for providing any investment advice on its behalf.


Welcome to Telegram chat   for discussion.

Many thanks to Super DAO for your support.

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